by MrsFatass on May 29, 2017

This photo is from 2012, the summer before things started to take a turn.

So I had a dream the other night that I was walking through a restaurant and I saw a baby choking. I swooped the sweet pea off of her mama’s lap, flipped her over, whacked her back, and the food she was choking on flew out.

Significance? Well, I think a pretty big one. For the last couple of years I haven’t really been aware that I was dreaming at all, and the other night I had one, and I remembered it. I’m going to call that progress. It’s a step forward in terms of fixing my sleep. I’ve adopted a new bedtime ritual, which includes oils and ACV and realty trying to put my screens down, and I have a sexy new mouthguard that makes me look like a hockey player fabulous, and I’m getting closer and closer to actual consistency with all the steps.

I’ve continued my research on Adrenal Fatigue, and feel like I’ve learned so much. I’m visual, so I think about recovering my health like there are pillars holding me up: Sleep, Food, Supplements, Stress and Exercise, and I have work to do on each one. Since my last post, lots of folks have reached out, and it seems like everyone has a story, experience, or suggestion to share, which makes me very hopeful. But the flip side is that there is so much information to sort through that it can be a little overwhelming. A million years ago when I was at the doctor’s office with my baby boy, and I was stressing out because he was lactose intolerant and I wanted him to be all organic and I couldn’t afford to buy all organic and OH MY GOSH I WAS ALREADY DOING MOTHERHOOD WRONG, and he said “Sue, my recommendation is that you pick your biggest priority and start there. Don’t worry about the rest. Handle one thing at a time.”

I’ve kept those words in the back of my mind as I’ve been researching and listening and asking and reading. 

One pillar at a time. 

Food is next.

Some who suffer from AF are keto, some are strictly grain free, some are anti nightshade, some say increased carbs and even rice and white potatoes are okay. How do you choose? Well, here is what I know:

  • Both the sleep doctor and the endo said that they were expecting I’d have fibro. I have some symptoms, but not the widespread nerve pain. I don’t want it either. Keeping inflammatory foods out of my day to day diet is a priority.
  • I know there are certain foods I eat that make me feel achy, puffy, and uncomfortable. I’m breaking up with whey protein for good, and I’m continuing my break from gluten/grains. I’m temporarily eliminating nightshades just to see.
  • I think pretty much every article and book I’ve read about advanced AF has talked about reducing/eliminating sugar. I’m good with that.
  • I’ve invested in some good quality cinnamon, maca, and collagen, and I’m not afraid to use them.

There is a much longer list of things I DON’T know. But even so, it feels so good to be interacting with people who have experienced what I’m experiencing, who have come out the other side feeling healthy again. Many people, along with eliminating the “offensive” foods, pointed me toward carb cycling, and I’m going to give it a go. Lots and lots of folks suggested I read Dr. Alan Christianson’s book on Adrenal Reset, and so that’s the text I’m working with now.

There is a lot written about AF and exercise, and it still freaks me out to scale back. But I follow lots of fitness folks who had to suspend high intensity training for anywhere from 6 months to 3 years! I have gone back to yoga classes when I can make them fit my schedule, and decided in the first one that I was going to take every modification that was offered, whether I felt like I “needed” to or not. It will take a pretty fair amount of practice to stop pushing and competing with myself, and to get in a more restorative mindset. And I don’t love a typical yoga class. I like it when it’s over, I like how I feel stretched out at the end. But I miss the flow and connection to music. So, I take a Yoga class like medicine, because I know I need it. 

Anyway, I kind of got in the groove of being gentle on myself in class, and then came my first scheduled obstacle course race of the season. Participating in the race didn’t really fit in with my new Adrenal Fatigue lifestyle. Plus, I was sick as a dog, with a fever and a cough, and it was cold and wet and I had no business being out there. Pride wouldn’t let me skip it though, so I showed up, but sent my team ahead because my lungs would not let me keep up, and I did the race by myself. And I kind of got into it! I nixed running early on because of my cough, so I just power walked from obstacle to obstacle and did what I could. I was happy with it until one of the volunteers got me right in my insecurities when she asked me if there was anyone on the course behind me, or was I the last one. THE LAST ONE. Ugh. But at that point I was waist deep in swamp muck and had no choice but to keep going. My teammates were cheering for me at the finish and it made me uncomfortable because I didn’t do it the way I’d trained THEM to do it. It was a little emotional for me on the inside.

But I’m finding my way to a new normal and I can’t expect it to just happen overnight.

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Kimberly Lee June 21, 2017 at 9:25 am

Would you be willing to share your routine with the oils and ACV?


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