Did we just eat that out loud?

by MrsFatass on September 20, 2016

We’ve teased. Alluded. Mentioned. Vaguebooked.

It’s time for an announcement already, isn’t it yall?

Okay. Here goes. I am super excited to present to you a collaboration that brings about great social change  espouses deep provocative thoughts   presents life changing information  provides lighthearted entertainment while you are in the gym getting your cardio!

Yes, Nacho Mama and MrsFatass present for your listening and laughing pleasure

Did I just Eat That Out Loud?
the podcast
available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher

Yes, this used to be the name of my blog, but times they did change. For one, it was too long a title! For Pete’s sake, it took up all kinds of room on my business cards and there is a whole lot of room for a typo in there. So as my blog evolved, so did the name of it. However, the IDEA still hung in the air that the title could be used for something because, darnit, its GOOD. Quite possibly my cleverist quip. Evah.

Even so, five years ago THIS WEEK I relaunched the Did I Just Eat That Out Loud blog and unveiled the new MrsFatass, which I think has held up pretty well. It no longer has that new-blog smell, but neither do I. So. Anyway, the title was put on the shelf for a while.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when Margo messaged me with a question. Or more like an invitation to brainstorm, really, on helping her find someone who would be interested in helping her create a podcast that would be rooted in health/wellness/weight loss, but would do it in a different way then it was currently being done. Because the current well was dry. Airquote Like there isn’t enough Astroglide in the world kind of dry Airquote.

She said she was looking for someone who was funny, irreverent, identifiable, unconventional, spontaneous, effing SMART, and a professional in the field of wellness.

I said I didn’t know a soul, but if she picked me, we could use the title. Hence the birth of Did I Just Eat That Out Loud? The Podcast!

So here’s the thing. We wanted to create something that would touch on pretty much any healthy living topic our feisty little brains could come up with, but not really for the purpose of HELPING PEOPLE. I mean, come ON. Really, we just wanted a place to be OURSELVES talking about topics interesting to those involved in the health and fitness hustle. We don’t discuss topics beforehand, we don’t rehearse, it’s pretty spontaneous just like a conversation with your sisterfriends would be, because really we’ve all BEEN THERE and DONE THAT. We keep you relaxed while you do your THANG. We are your support system while you nervously make your way to the weight rack or the stair mill or the smoothie bar. We are your partners in crime. Your frans.

Plus, Margo’s funny.

So, please check out our podcast! We are on the web here! You can get us on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher. You can also find us YouTube , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Much like political ads and pumpkin spice, we are EVERYWHERE, and are working to get more Funny! Irreverant! Effing Smart! content up as we speak. And if you listen and like, email us! Because certainly there must be SOMETHING  you think we should mention or be aware of, so send a message to didijusteatthatoutloud@gmail.com. Haters can reach us there as well! *wink*

And if you aren’t already familiar with the lovely and amazing Margo Porras, you SHOULD be! So be a ‘subbie’ on her YouTube channel, find her on IG and Twitter, check out her blog, or run into her at a taco truck!

Also, if you’re wondering who is eating it all out loud in our artwork, please meet our cover girl Thea here.

Not going to lie, I’m SUPER excited to hear what you think!

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Thea September 22, 2016 at 9:54 am

I’m a cover girl! Damn. That should have been on my bucket list.


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