Confident and Consistent

by MrsFatass on January 4, 2016

So if it’s true what they say, that what you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do all year, then I’ll be spending the year being super bad ass with really amazing women who are ALSO being super bad ass.

One of these women has a fear of water, one of these women is already wearing her bathing suit, and one of these women is pretty sure the hardest part of the whole event will be T1.

One of these women has a fear of water, one of these women is already wearing her bathing suit, and one of these women is pretty sure the hardest part of the whole event will be T1.

Okay, so on the ACTUAL New Year’s Day I was eating nachos and watching football, but I’m going to bend this saying around what it is I actually want to say. And what I want to say is that I am FINALLY a triathlete!

Didn't die!

Didn’t die!

My first Tri was supposed to be last October, but lo and behold a hurricane blew through these parts and our event was cancelled. So we had to hang on for the Indoor Tri sponsored by Lifetime Fitness. But it was good because it kept me training – at least minimally – through part of the off season and I walked into the gym MUCH more confident than I would have been at the event in October. I mean, I spend all day every day in a gym, and I’m on and off spin bikes and treadmills multiple times a week. I haven’t spent much time in the pool, but this event is based on TIME not DISTANCE and so I figured worst case scenario I could dog paddle or even walk in the pool for 10 minutes.

Turns out I had a great swim. NOT because it was a beautiful crawl, because it was anything but. It was a lot of breast stroke and quite a bit of backstroke because my start-of-the-race adrenaline turned my already shaky crawl into an I-can’t-find-my-breath mess and so I just let it go. But my goal was to keep moving for the entire time and I did. I moved for 300 yards and I’m totally happy with that. The bike was hilarious, first because we were a minute and a half late (turns out blowing off transition practice was a mistake) and second was because I was face to face with and absolute BEAST of a competitor who had a snarl, and who growled, and who was cycling at a rate of speed I didn’t think was possible in a spin studio. But I just laughed it off and kept my own goals in mind and I LOVE to cycle, so I just enjoyed the music and pedaled my way to 8 miles, which was my goal. And I can’t remember how far I went on the treadmill, somewhere just under a mile and a half I think. I jogged a little and walked a lot and again I just enjoyed myself and remembered that I didn’t register to COMPETE, I just registered to COMPLETE. And that’s what I did. I completed. I was super happy. I AM super happy.

I already have two more triathlons on the books (March and May) and my goal is to participate in one event a month from March through I don’t know when. September? October? Walks, runs, Triathlons, obstacle courses, whatever. Just one thing a month to keep me CONSISTENTLY training.

Ah, CONSISTENCY. The point of this post.

It’s the time of year that many of us resolve to do certain things, choose our anthem for the year, our battle cries and our mantras. The last few years I have chosen my words wisely, from “Do More Cardio” to “Remember Gratitude” to “Be Thankful”. And really, I’ve done a good job keeping them with me for the entire chosen year and beyond. I have two words this year also. 2016 will be the year of CONFIDENCE and CONSISTENCY.

Confidence, you ask? Um, MrsFatass, have you met you? I know, I know. I say live in your discomfort zone! Wear your bikini now! But to be completely honest, there have been a number of things that have happened the last year or so that have shaken up the fatass foundation, and I’m having to work a bit to recover the self confidence that I wore so proudly when I was encouraging you all to strut in a bikini. But I am. I did. I finally took a breath, straightened my big girl panties, and fixed some things in my life that weren’t working. And now I’m ready to do those things that will remind me to be confident. And hopefully we’ll do a lot of those things together, you and me.

And? I need to do those things CONSISTENTLY. I will be consistent in my efforts.

Efforts to what? You might be asking.

Efforts to everything. My effort to train, to be organized, to cook more, to drink diet soda less, to walk the dogs, and also? To write here. Once a week. 52 posts in 2016. Consistently. Whatever it is that I decide needs to be a thing will be a thing consistently. I will see it through.

Inconsistency has stalled my weight loss, allowed my house to be messier than I’d like, made my savings account emptier than it could be, and left a hundred posts half written in my head. And my excuse reason the last few years has always been The Business! The Business! The Business!

But I have made a big change in my life. And I am ready for more.

If you see me on a Friday, ask me if I've been to the pool yet. Fridays will CONSISTENTLY be my swim practice day!

If you see me on a Friday, ask me if I’ve been to the pool yet. Fridays will CONSISTENTLY be my swim practice day!

In 2016, I will rediscover my self-confidence, and I will be consistent in my efforts.

What are YOU going to do this year?

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Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me January 4, 2016 at 1:06 pm

AAAAAHHHH!!! You did it! Congratulations!! “I didn’t register to COMPETE, I just registered to COMPLETE.” That, right there. That was always my tri (and race) goal, too. All you gotta do is start, because once you do, there’s no doubt you’ll finish.

I dig your words. I’m still formulating my words and goals and subsequent post.


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