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by MrsFatass on August 19, 2015

A million moons ago I wrote a post called The Bikini Promise. Basically it was my ode to not waiting for perfect circumstances to do something you want to do. For me, it started with a bikini, and while I needed some platform sandals, lipstick and a wide brimmed floppy hat to carry off the whole look for a while, with cocktails practice, the costume pieces began to fade away and now a 2-piece bathing suit is my style of choice and I don’t apologize or make excuses for it.

Over the years, whether on purpose or by beautiful, messy accident, I’ve continued to live by my Bikini Promise. When I tiptoed into my first Zumba class I had no idea that within a year I’d be teaching them. Since writing about my awkward foray into the world of fitness instruction in June, 2011 I’ve obtained 14 additional licenses/certifications for branded fitness programs or fitness credentials. I’ve traveled the country chasing opportunities to teach master classes and to empower people to MOVE NOW, my friends are fitness movers and shakers, and LO AND BEHOLD I joined forces with a dance fitness powerhouse and Trio Fitness was born.

Had I waited until I LOOKED like a “fitness instructor” to take that first step, I’d still be standing in the back row of somebody else’s class.

So. In keeping with that theme, THIS happened:
Photo Aug 16, 5 14 58 PM

Yep. This fat chick is a certified nutrition coach. Cer-tee-feyyyyed.

In Savannah, Steve and I led the Fitblogger Tough Love session, wherein I sort of came internally unglued about my lack of progress on the actual weight loss front. Because, while I have a body that can jump and bend and run and move with ease, one that is strong and healthy and one that does pretty much everything I ask it to do without protesting, I have not lost the weight that I set out to lose when I typed my first post.

In 2009.

Blink. Blink blink.

So why not go get a certification in nutrition coaching, because that’s the logical next step, right? Why shouldn’t I help people break sugar addictions and change their body composition and reveal their beautiful sculpted muscles and . . . lose weight? I’m totally qualified.

Yeah. It’s backward. It’s nuts. It’s dumb. It’s straight from the department of Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

But? It’s happening.

A string of circumstances that began with a program called R.I.P.P.E.D.® led me to a book called Body Confidence by Mark MacDonald, and if you all were sitting around the house and all of a sudden felt the earth move? That was me getting my world rocked. Not because it was some big secret revealed or the answer to the mind bendy-est riddle (what? That’s a word). But because he said it all in such a way that my inner fatass felt competent and also dare I say CONFIDENT that I could do better.

I texted Sam immediately and said READ THIS BOOK IT WAS MADE FOR TRIO. And she did. And she agreed. And I got on the website to find out more and THERE IT WAS! A class to take. A certificate to earn. Tools to help me teach other inner fatasses how to have a better relationship with real food. I spent the summer practicing DOING the program and practicing TEACHING the program and figuring out how to match each client to each method and talking about all the bullshit that makes weight loss hard and you know what? I helped clients feel better. I helped clients try new foods. I helped clients put down the MLM juices and powders and pills and learn to put food into their bodies without guilt or shame. And…they lost weight. A LOT of it!

And together they began tackling the issues that got them to this place. Together. Commiserating and bonding and learning. Forming their very own ‘tribe’.

And they are forming or finding or creating their very own Body Confidence.

So. I am doing it. I am a Nutrition Coach and my inner fatass is just going to have to get comfortable with the idea. Because really, who knows more about how to lose 20, 50, 100, however many pounds than someone who has tried, repeatedly, for a lifetime?

If you’d like to join me, you can.
20 Day JumpStart September
When I posted on Facebook that I passed my exam, lots of my online/Fitbloggin’ friends reached out to find out if we could work together. And I prefer to come from a place of yes, so here we go… I’m launching my coaching business with a JumpStart, which gives us a month to get acclimated to all the basics of the program. You can live here in my town and we can do some of this face to face, or you can live in Timbuktu. As long as you have internet access, we can get this done together! At the end of the 28 days, hopefully you have mastered things and are off on a life of health and confidence! But, if you’d like to continue on in a group, we can make that happen too.

So, if you’re someone who has weight to lose, whatever the amount, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you don’t really have weight to lose, but are looking to change your body composition, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you work out and eat very healthy, but aren’t seeing the physical results or sculpt you want to see, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you think you are a super healthy eater but still have highs and lows and are sluggish in the gym, guess what? This 28 days will be a great way to practice the program.

BEWARE: I’m not selling you a pill or a potion or a green powder or a juice that will cure your gout/anxiety/migranes/halitosis. I am not going to tell you that you can achieve amazing results by eating fried chicken and ice cream. I’m not saying this will be easy or effortless.

But I can help you do better tomorrow than you did yesterday.

And yes, my ass is still fat. But it’s less fat. And the fatass on the inside is on notice.

Sue Full Body
If you’d like to join Trio’s Premiere 28 Day JumpStart, call me at 1.844.TrioFit or email me at TrioFitness@yahoo.com. The group’s introductory price is $50 and includes a health and fitness assessment, goal setting, and program orientation (appointments MUST be scheduled on or before September 4th to ensure adequate time for food planning and preparation), 28 days of online group coaching via private Facebook group (begins September 8), and 4 one-on-one “check ins” with me.

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