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by MrsFatass on January 13, 2015

My group of girlfriends loves to throw a birthday party.

We have a whole ritual. We set up a “secret” chat on Facebook and give it a funny name. We go back and forth for days, figuring out the date and location. We hang on to ideas in photo files and scattered post it notes as we notice things that one of us may like, but then we also brainstorm all kinds of new ideas that are so personally perfect for the person we can’t even stand it. We occasionally post a birthday message in a non-birthday conversation and then have to cover our tracks. Secrecy is a big part of these birthdays. There is always A Surprise.

And, there is always a tee shirt. Each one of us gets a tee shirt where our faces are photoshopped on to a picture. Always the same photoshopped faces, but on a different picture that is somehow perfect for the birthday girl. Maybe all of us in bed with our favorite band. Or all of us on My Little Ponies. Something like that. When we come up with the design there is a lot of back patting because, well, we think we are brilliant and hilarious.

The logistics get worked out and we count it down for several excruciating days. And finally, we are all together! Inevitably somebody will cry. And inevitably we will all laugh until we cry. And there is always amazing food and lots of drinks and we usually need a day or two to recover.

Over the weekend, we celebrated Jelly’s birthday.

Her name isn’t really Jelly, it’s Kelly. But in our aforementioned hilariousness, we have adopted a new language. You know how siblings will have their own secret language so that mom or dad can’t figure out what they are saying? We have one. Mostly it comes from AutoCorrect, but some of it also comes from raunchy e-cards or people typing in text speak or a southern accent. Anyway, between my pudgy fingers and long fingernails, I have typed Jelly instead of Kelly so many times that now my phone thinks that is her name. And it stuck.

Jelly loves yoga, and she loves trio, and she loves trio’s yoga instructor. So we put all that love together, along with origami, candles, essential oils, and champagne, and we threw her a very Namaste birthday party.

She cried. Which made us all very happy. We got it right.

I wanted to make a party favor for everybody and I wanted it to be pure Kelly. Aside from being beautiful, and aside from being pretty much The Most Hilarious Woman on the Planet, one of the ways she shows you she loves you is by being your number one supporter. Seriously. She is the first to say your idea is a good one, she is the first to defend you, she is the first to throw on some clothes and head outside to start up the woodchipper when you have to dispose of a body. And when I took my essential oil love a step further and actually made it a business venture, she jumped in with me.

So. I came up with a party favor. I found a lotion recipe on the All-Powerful Pinterest and began collecting ingredients and little glass jars, and I read and read and read until I found the 2 oils that I thought represented her well. I woke up early on party day, while the rest of the house slept, and I made a test batch to make sure it would be good stuff, and as it turns out, it smells a little like jelly. Jelly for Jelly. Er, for Kelly. Who I call Jelly. It’s Kelly Jelly.

We did yoga together and we drank champagne. We listened to music and talked and laughed and as is the usual happening, Jelly and I were the last 2 standing.

Happy Birthday, Halfway Bitch.

Kelly Jelly
(This recipe is adapted from one posted here by Kendra of A Sonoma Garden. It rocks. The ingredients are perfect, in my not so humble opinion. I just messed with the process a little and added my favorite oils. With the exception of the Vitamin E oil, I used all organic ingredients.)

1 C Olive Oil

½ C Coconut Oil
½ C Beeswax
½ t Vitamin E Oil
14 Drops Young Living Valor
6 Drops Young Living Tangerine Oil (Citrus oils can be phototoxic, which basically means this is is not a good lotion to wear if you are headed out in the sun, because it can irritate your skin. Choose it for the winter months or when you have about 24 hours before you plan to bake in direct sunlight).


We need to melt all 3 oils together so we can mix well. You can use a double boiler if you have one, or just rig one up like I do. I have a glass measuring cup with a handle that thankfully doesn’t get hot, and I submerge that into a pot of water. The water comes up half or maybe 2/3 or the way – not high enough to boil over or splash into the lotion mixture.

The beeswax takes the longest to melt, so I add that first, with about half of the olive oil. It’s probably a good 5 or so songs on the radio kind of long. Then I add the rest of the olive oil and keep stirring. Coconut oil melts pretty quickly, so I add that last. Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew.

Then I pour it into whatever glass jar I’m using. The one pictured I picked up at Hobby Lobby and it was an absolute perfect fit for the amount of lotion in this recipe. That’s what I gave Kelly. Then I made it again, doubled the recipe, and filled up 7 of these little jelly jars.2

AS SOON AS I POUR IT INTO THE JAR I tend to the cleaning of the measuring cup. Before the residue solidifies. I wipe it out super good with a paper towel and then wash it with hot water and Dawn.

Then it’s back to stirring the brew. It’s kind of a dance of scraping down the sides of the jar, stirring, and3 taking it in and out of the fridge to help it cool.

When it gets close to about room temperature, add the Vitamin E oil and essential oils. And then, you guessed it. Stir it some more.

When it’s cool, pop the top on the jar. And then give it to someone you love.





***So this is the part of the post where I add the disclaimer that within the recipe, there are links to certain products. These are products that I actually used and have deemed my personal favorites, and you know what? They are affiliate links. Which means if you decided to shop using those links, I would earn a couple of bucks. This is also the part where I tell you that my blog is not about to change and become one big commercial. It is not going to be a constant plea for you to buy things from me. Promise.***

***But also note that if you WANT to buy things from me, you can. I’ll use that money to totally buy a round at Fitbloggin’***

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AdjustedReality January 13, 2015 at 7:38 pm

It is so adorable, cute, and sweet how y’all put together really personalized surprise parties like that. I could just feel the love from this post! Kelly jelly. 🙂


CARLA January 14, 2015 at 5:38 am

and really really really wish you were my next door neighbor.


Yum Yucky January 14, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Yoga and champagne to celebrate?. Heck yeah!! And I’m with Carla. Let’s be neighbors. xo


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