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by MrsFatass on December 22, 2014

Last January, all hopped up on BodyFlow breasts breaths and New Year’s clean-slatedness (look it up, it’s a word), I decided that my intention for 2014 was going to be POSITIVITY. I gave myself a nice, wide berth with this one, because after a few years of a lot of change, challenge, and even drama, I felt there were a lot of places in my soul and in my life that needed a fresh coat of paint.

Today I took some time to flip through my Facebook posts, and chose some of m favorite posts from the year. I love a good quote or an e-card. Maybe one or two will speak to you as well.Photo Dec 22, 7 30 13 AMGRATITUDE was a big part of my positivity journey this year. Ending my daily yoga or BodyFlow practice with a moment of gratitude, going around the dinner table with everyone naming one thing the are thankful for, resolving arguments between Thing One and Thing Two by having them write down one thing that makes them thankful to have the other as a sibling. It’s important to me to choose to have a grateful heart.
Photo Dec 22, 7 35 32 AMI decided to make it a daily practice to WITNESS AWESOMENESS. It’s easy to point out mistakes, complain about idiots, and generally just feel like the world is doing it wrong. This year I spent more time looking for opportunities to give a compliment and an ass slap a high five, and am amazed at how much shorter my list of peeves is now that I’m not always looking for them.

Photo Dec 22, 7 34 40 AMI learned to embrace my own SELF CONFIDENCE. Life is messy and shit is hard. You can feel victimized by life’s curveballs, or you can evolve. I choose the latter.

Photo Dec 22, 7 35 45 AMI gave up wishing for things to calm down. Life’s pressure is ever present. Instead of hiding from it or trying to wish it away, I ACCEPTED it and am letting it turn me into something strong and beautiful. And sparkly.

Photo Dec 22, 7 32 59 AMI’ve had my messy moments and my issues and my sadness and my time on The Floah, no doubt. But this year I let go of a lot, and have chosen to FEEL GOOD. At first I would ask myself “Who am I if I’m not being beaten to death by butterflies in my chest? If I’m not coming unglued about having to answer the phone or be social? Who am I if I’m actually losing weight and being healthy and am dareIsay happy with the state of my life?”

Turns out I’m still me. Just me without the crazy eyes frown.

Photo Dec 22, 7 32 33 AMYoga and BodyFlow are a big part of why my positivity experiment worked. The whole world would be a happier place if everyone would take one hour every day (or every other day, or once a week, or just SOMETIME) to focus on their BREATHING and to connect their movement to that breath. Yoga has been a part of my life since I was seventeen years old; some years it is front and center, and some years it’s in the way back of my closet with the clothes I just can’t get rid of. This year was a front and center year and it’s been good.

Photo Dec 22, 7 26 37 AMI APPRECIATE the beauty and the wisdom and the experience of the women around me. There have been periods of my life when I wanted to go things alone, because let’s face it, women have kind of a bad rap when it comes to friendships. But this year, with my focus on putting positivity out in the universe, there have been knock-me-on-the-head moments showing me how it comes back – in the shape of amazing, strong, brilliant, beautiful, authentic, hilarious kick-ass women all around me.

Merry Christmas, everyone. See you in a shiny new 2015!

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Mom December 22, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I like this new positivity! You wear it well…I think that I will try it on also.


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