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by MrsFatass on December 18, 2014

December is always a contemplative month. For different reasons, with different overriding emotions, but it’s always a month that’s good for finding me staring off into space at some point, laying in a bathtub until the water is cold, taking a dog for a short walk that turns into miles, just lost in thought. This year isn’t any different.

This December, I’ve been thinking a lot about blessings.

On a personal level, I’ve been blessed in more ways than I could list, by family and friends that are like family and even by acquaintances or the occasional complete stranger who have been there to give me something when I needed it. When I couldn’t provide it for myself. Or when I could, but needed even more.

On a business level, we’ve been blessed with memberships that have turned into friendships, by people giving us second (third, fourth and fifth) chances, who have believed in us even in those moments when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

And overall, I have been blessed with as many opportunities to pay it forward, to give with no anticipation of it being a tradeoff, or in some pursuit of a future favor. I’ve been presented with opportunities to do positive things, just because.

This is the part of the post where I wanted to add a photo of me in college. All young and carefree and living in Chicago studying acting, thinking I had the whole world in the palm of my hand. A photo of a time before marriages and careers and babies, before breakups or divorces or children. Before mortgages and taxes and employment, before unemployment. A time before grey hair and wrinkles. A photo with an old friend named Eddy, who I studied with in acting school. We were occasional scene partners (Eddy, do you remember the improv we did in the morgue? Where Ric said End Scene just milliseconds before things took a really, uh, weird turn? No? Okay me either).

But I couldn’t find one of those, so instead I Facebook Stalked asked Eddy if I could use some of his. This year Eddy got married.

Eddy Family

And they had a beautiful baby girl named Emma.

Eddy and Emma

Emma has to have open heart surgery in January. And her mom and dad will need to provide a kind of around-the-clock care to help her heal afterward that many of us can’t even imagine. Or maybe by now we can, I don’t know. Maybe by now we all have had at least some kind of experience with a loved one who needed someone to be their advocate and their nurse and their parent and their friend and their caretaker all rolled into one. I know a little bit about that myself. And I know that when my infant daughter spent just 4 days in the hospital, how hard it was to send my husband to work each morning because he didn’t have any paid time off left. Those hours would have been much less scary had we been able to endure them together.

So Eddy and his wife Sarah are doing what they can to take time off together to help Emma heal, and have asked for help. And I’ve always believed that people want to do good in the world, but they don’t always know how. So here is one way. If you can donate even just $5 to this fund, it will help them be home with her. There will be no calls to the boss or stress about shifts or worry about all those things that happen as someone gets better after surgery. And I know that you probably don’t know Eddy, and I haven’t in a lot of years. But I don’t know that it matters. Because THOSE CHEEKS!

Emma and Sarah

So if you’re able to help, this is how you can do so:

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