Wrapping Up, Moving On

by MrsFatass on June 2, 2009

Trophy Husband and I welcomed my parents for a short visit over the weekend, and that visit is exactly what the Personal Trainer ordered.

Okay, so we’re our own personal trainers, but you get the metaphor I was going for, right?

Anyhow, our fitness ups and downs have resulted in my folks coming in and immediately noticing a change in our appearance! It was fantastic. I mean, we’re new in town, so nobody really knows what’s normal for us to look like. And when I put pictures up on our family blog, they are mostly of the kids. So, my folks visit was the first with someone who knew us when and observed us now.

And it was just the shot of motivation we needed, because (as you all know from a few previous posts) our endurance was dwindling, and we were getting more and more curious about the deliciousness of the new Ben and Jerry’s Macadamia Nut ice cream.

So, I am going to wrap up a few thoughts on the program that got us this far, because come June 8th, Trophy Husband and I are gonna kick it up a notch.

There is a new Slim in 6 infomercial out there that does a great job of giving you the rundown on the philosophy, some moves, and lots of success stories. But here’s what it doesn’t tell you:

1.The program is repetitive
2. The music is kind of weird and basically not good
3. Doing the same tape over and over can get boring fast.

And, if you want to upgrade your program to include the Slim Series, which is what you do once you’ve completed Slim in 6:

1. The music still pretty much blows chunks
2. The workouts are long – close to an hour each, some even longer
3. Many of us experienced the same injury on the lower body tape.


Yes, there is a but, and it’s a BIG but. A BIG BUTT:

The program works.

Seriously. It works.

I’ve mentioned the Beachbody thread that I refer to as The Amigos. On this thread we have women posting together from various points on the fitness spectrum. We’ve got some that are battling physical challenges from Fibromyalgia to possible Diabetes to thyroid issues. We’ve got women who are working toward taking of 50 pounds to women working toward taking off 10. Women wanting to fit in their size 12’s and women wanting to get back in their size 4s. Women who take supplements and calculate their menu to the last calorie to women who are following some general nutrition guidelines or even not tackling diet at all.

And each and every woman on this thread has experienced success. Granted, you get out what you put in, but I am just astounded that just doing these moves faithfully 6 days a week changes your body. Physically, pounds and inches are disappearing, sizes are getting smaller, energy is rising, people are sleeping better. Mentally, attitudes are improving, stress is diminishing. We are finding we are capable of things we never knew – from actually working out every day, and eventually liking it – to finding out we can actually wake up before 6 and get our exercise in before getting ready for work or school or life.

Spouses are getting in on the game, either by working out with us (yay Trophy Husband!) supporting us, complimenting us, or in a few cases even taking us shopping for new pants! And, of course, by taking our bikini-clad before and after pics. Because, for some reasons, husbands really like doing that.

It kind of makes the downside – the repetitive DVDs, the bad music, the boredom – something we are willing and able to conquer.

For me, my commitment started out primarily just to get more active, and it has evolved into making exercise a daily priority, getting the whole family to focus on nutrition and diet, and even making the choice to be a Beachbody Coach, offering guidance and great products to people starting out like me.

So, I’m a believer in Slim in 6. I think it’s a great program to start out with – the moves are easy enough to master quickly, but challenging enough to get results. The inches lost from my waist and rib cage are what was immediately noticed by my folks, and the baby pouch shrinks every week I stick with the plan.

We’re going to move on next week (more about that later), but for anyone with even a slight interest in getting started with Slim in 6, please let me know. Give me the opportunity to answer your questions or tell you more about it.

ANNOYING SALES PITCH ALERT: Or, feel free to click here, register on my site, and order the product directly from me! It’s a two-fer – a fantastic fitness product, and ME as your personal coach! ANNOYING SALES PITCH OVER.

We’re wrapping up with Phase One of the Fat Flush this week, too, all in preparation to have a revved up metabolism for our next program, where we will take fat-melting to the extreme . . . stay tuned . . .

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