Starting Over

by MrsFatass on April 18, 2009


Thanks for stopping by.

For those of you who were kind enough to follow my other blog – I am ALL KINDS of thankful. For you to find your way over here makes my humble heart skip a beat. The past several months of writing for you has really been exciting for me; I’ve always had a lot of things to say in my head, but since Al Gore was kind enough to invent the internet for us, I have a whole new outlet for the voices – er, I mean thoughts. I am amazed every day that there are people out there who seem to enjoy coming over to see what I’m going to say next.

For those of you who are new – WELCOME! Lurk all you like, but if you enjoy what you see (and I suppose even if you don’t), please consider adding yourself as a follower. I’d love to get a rockin’ party going here of funny folks who are works in progress like I am. Warning: Perfectionists need not apply! Here, we do the best we can with what we’ve got.

I’d like to get two things out in the open.

First of all, I am a sassy Christian girl. For those of you who are believers in other deities, spiritual but not religious, agnostic, or flat out atheist, I don’t think you need to run for the hills because I am asking God to help me be a better me. I think we all have things we reach out to in time of need – and because my support system for so long packed a high fat and calorie content, here I am, kind of a fatass (the use of that word is something I will get to in point number two), finally turning to the Lord to help give me the focus I need to take better care of his temple. But feel free to use a mental bleep! button whenever I refer to Him in a post, if it isn’t something you’re totally down with. I get it.

Second of all, by sassy, I do mean SASSY. I live out loud. And here in my own little corner of the blogosphere I am going to say it like it is. Now, this doesn’t mean I am going to call YOU a fatass, because that’s not how I roll. I generally keep the sassiness directed toward me, and I’m actually fond of the term. Besides, if I am finally going to win the battle of the bulge, it’s time to be honest with myself, right? Now, if I do feel the need to comment on some other personality type or influence in my life, I am going to use the Bless Their Heart Rule: If, before saying something negative about another person you say Bless Their Heart, it takes the mean out. I don’t know if this rule is a southern thing or a Christian thing or a girl thing or what, but chances are you are already familiar with this rule or some form of it. And, if I am going to discuss somebody else, I am going to keep them anonymous. Yes, I am one of those bloggers that uses little cutesy names for family and friends, and who also occasionally embellishes or changes a fact or two in order to protect the innocent. I’d like to be able to say that no associations of mine were hurt in the making of this blog.

I’ve got a whole story about why I’m finally getting down to brass tacks and overhauling my health and fitness routine (as if watching every single Real World/Road Rules Challenge marathon even though I aged out of the MTV demographic YEARS ago is a health and fitness routine), but I think I’ll save that for next time. I gotta give you some kind of reason to keep coming back, right? So, for now I’ll just say thanks for coming, and I hope you’ll be back for more. I’m planning to get out and do some walking with my MP3 this weekend because the weather here is bee-youteeful. Maybe you can, too!


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Christy in Seattle October 10, 2009 at 4:31 pm

Ah, the "bless your heart rule." I know it well. I grew up around Mobile, AL. It ruled the city!


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