by any other name

by MrsFatass on March 14, 2016

We had our first meeting at the gym, me, the Fitness Director, and the owner, and I made it through with minimal flopsweat. It was fun, actually, talking through my resume and hearing about somebody else’s business plans and vision. And I managed not to use the word fatass even once, not even when we were all acknowledging how potential clients choose their trainers for a variety of reasons, including that trainer’s appearance. My curves were not the elephant in the room as I initially feared. They, too, understood that my ass was an asset.

So a first interview led to a second, outside of the gym, where it was more of a getting to know the bigger picture about each other, sharing life experiences and pieces of our faith journeys and this time I was super nervous about eating in front of them because eating on a first date is always nerve wracking. Are they analyzing what I order? Can I drink diet soda? Do I talk with my mouth sort of full and risk spitting food? Do I have spinach in my teeth?

But once again I was put at ease when we said grace before our meal. Yep. Right there in Panera we prayed together and I’m a pray-er every single day, even though I don’t always do it before a meal in public, but so what, because this time? This time in that restaurant our grace put me at ease because they were showing me who they were in inviting me to be a part of it and it felt really good to be included in that moment.

I don’t know. It just did.

And we talked for an hour and I managed not to choke even once.

As we were wrapping up the conversation they shared with me the two “rules” they had that anyone who came to work in this gym needed to be aware of and willing to live by.

Number One: No drama. What? Really? No interpersonal issues or gossip or bitching or badmouthing? Just grown up people who care about their jobs coming together in a positive place to help people? Is that the hallelujah chorus I hear playing in the background? SIGN ME UP!

Number Two: No profanity.

Blink. Blink blink.

Well, damn. Cue the flopsweat.

So we shook on it and planned some more conversations and I excitedly got a Victory Fitness tee shirt and shaker bottle and began making plans for my drama free, profanity free journey across town.
It’s been a wonderful move. Even without the colorful language. I feel so thankful that these folks have trusted me to join this team of – as promised – grown ups who act like grown ups, who are smart and knowledgeable and who do their jobs in an environment that is absent of drama and negativity. And to appreciate that isn’t to say my previous workplace WAS filled with drama and negativity, but it’s to say that I am old enough and experienced enough to understand that this is a special thing that is to be protected. You know? And that type of mature and positive attitude, coupled with a facility that is bright and clean and state of the art pretty much means that I feel like I won the lottery.

Now, profanity jokes aside, I never felt like I HAD to change myself to fit into Victory. But I do feel like my move there is part of an evolution. I wasn’t going back to being an employee in the gyms I worked in before, but I also knew I wasn’t Trio anymore. And while in my heart I am always MrsFatass, I knew that I couldn’t have a business card on the Victory front desk with the word ass all over it. Even if I wanted to, it wasn’t respectful of the rule, and it just didn’t feel like the right move on my part either.

So, after playing around with a few word choices, I settled on FullFigureFit.

In the short term it was my new email address and the name of the Facebook group for clients, and then quietly late last week I transitioned my Instagram and Twitter, and today on my Facebook profile. It just makes sense to make this change across the board, right?

But as for the blog, for now it is still MrsFatass dot com. Partly because I wouldn’t even begin to know how to change it, and partly because I never really know exactly what to do with it anymore. I love having it here when I have the desire to write, but like with lots of you, I find it easier to have meaningful interactions in other places. So we’ll see.

For now, I invite you to follow FullFigureFit on Instagram or Twitter, and to ask to join our Facebook group FullFigureFit if you’re interested in what I’m up to as a trainer and diet coach.

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thirtyfive inches

by MrsFatass on February 26, 2016

ashley_graham-sports_illustratedBack in 2014, when I had to do a driveby spent 18 glorious hours in Savannah with my Fitbloggin’ family, I had the honor of cohosting a conversation with Steve titled “Fitblogger Tough Love”. We tackled the idea that the very thing that makes our tribe so awesome – our supportiveness, understanding, and positivity- could also be the thing that holds us back from accomplishing some of our health, weight or fitness goals. Because we know that no matter how many times we stumble and fall, we always have a place in this group to get back on the horse and start again. Where is the line between accountability and enabling? You know?

Well, that notion continues to roll around and evolve in my mind even two years later. I’m a weight loss blogger with no weight loss success story, but I’m also a health seeker with an ever growing list of badass accomplishments. I’m a diet coach/personal trainer who is also for all intents and purposes fat.  But I run and jump and box and lift and tri.

Well, this week the hot topic of conversation has been both about the “rookie bombshell” and Sports Illustrated plus size covergirl Ashley Graham’s bikini cover photo (general consensus: BOOM! You GO Ashley and Sports Illustrated), and the reaction of former minus-sized model Cheryl Tiegs, who says SI is glamorizing an unhealthy waist size physique (general consensus: BONK! You are what’s wrong with America, woman!)

And here’s the deal. I think Sports Illustrated did a pretty ballsy and cool thing with their approach to the swimsuit covers this year, featuring three women with very different body types and bringing light to the notion that beauty is widely defined and complex and shouldn’t be boiled down to a number.

I also wonder if Cheryl Tiegs is only half wrong.

Say WHAT? Um, MrsFatass, Cheryl Tiegs quoted Dr. Oz as the source to stick with on this matter. She sad SI was ‘glamorizing’ full figured models like that was a BAD thing. And she said that thing about having such a pretty face. Fat girls HATE that saying. Have you bumped your head? Why are you not ripping her a new one?

I know. I KNOW! She certainly said some stupid, misguided things. And I could spend the next hour writing about how many thin models smoke and drink diet coke and over train to stay skinny, and look up some statistics about models and eating disorders, and really it wouldn’t be hard to decimate her and lots of folks are out there are doing just that. And also I tend to think that maybe from a psychological point of view, on the inside she might be feeling some kind of way about the things SHE had to do in order to stay on top as a model back then, and the acceptance of a more REAL physique today could just stirring up something emotional in her. I don’t know. Maybe she really is just an idiot.

But…is there room in this conversation to recognize the fact that while there are many of us who are living a healthy life, even at our full figured size, there are many of us who are using this Beauty At Any Size as an excuse to be/stay/remain unhealthy?

That’s where it gets a little dicey.

I guess the first thing we would have to agree on is what defines healthy. Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, thyroid – do we define health based on what a doctor tells us? Does the way we eat figure into that? Do we have to work out to be considered healthy? Be moderately active? Is it possible to be healthy and sedentary?

I know people who are thin who have horrible problems with blood pressure and cholesterol, and who cant walk up a flight of stairs. But according to Cheryl, their waist size would qualify them to be glamorized on the cover of a magazine. I know big people who can run circles around me. I know people who have great bloodwork results but whose diet is comprised of a steady stream of 350 calorie coffee drinks, vending machine chips and Girl Scout Cookies. And I know me.

I have gone to doctors for help because it truly seems like the more healthy behaviors I acquire, the more weight I gain. I don’t eat sweets. No sugar in my coffee, no donut, no Girl Scout Cookie time. I have eliminated countless foods that inflame or bloat. I manage my macros and I also count my calories and I am about 75% successful in eating whole, non-processed foods. I work out almost daily and my leisure time activities include ridiculous things like triathlon training. So I’m not sure how it’s possible that I am 30 pounds heavier today than I was in 2010 but I am, and the best I can get from a doctor is a prescription for Phentermine.

Yeah, no thanks.

And then, what makes somebody beautiful?

I don’t have an answer but I do know this: I wake up every day and wonder how I can get out of having to work out that day (I can’t. I actually WORK at a gym so there is absolutely no way to get out of it). I wake up every day and choose to whole unprocessed food because it makes me FEEL strong an energetic (and not just use my daily calorie allotment in just egg rolls and cheesecake if I’m going to be fat anyway). And I also know that my self-confidence does occasionally make me want to be lazy because lets face it – I’m hot – and at this point I don’t have bad knees or constant sciatica or a litany of “conditions” that many of my fellow women of stature have. So even at this size I can be happy and active and do basically anything I want to do so it’s up to me to actually go out and DO it. In my humble opinion, hustle is hot, laziness is not. (hashtag I can rhyme like Johnny Cochran).

Finally, we need to agree that while it is possible to be beautiful at any size, the opposite also holds true.

When we wrapped our conversation in Savanna it was on a very positive and encouraging note, suggesting the ways we could support one another and hold each other accountable, but nicely. And while I wasn’t looking to dismantle the love and support that is kind of the Fitbloggin’ hallmark, I’m still not quite sure we really had the tough conversation. And the reality is that there are people who will always find the reason not to follow through. There are people who will soak up the love and support of their fellow health seeking warriors, even as they drive past the gym in order to get home in time to meet the pizza delivery guy at the door. Because hey, tomorrow is another day, and today was long and I’m tired and work sucked and I don’t have time to work out…

Even so, I think it is awesome and amazing that Sports Illustrated is helping to highlight the fact that you don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. This air of acceptance of curves is a positive thing. And even if there are some who use this as a reason to be fat or unhealthy, let us not forget that there already IS a segment of our population who is unhealthy, overweight, and out of shape. Maybe? Some of those folks will feel more empowered and confident about doing something to impact their health if they feel less judged by their size, shape or physique right out of the gate. Maybe people who have a more positive self-image are more apt to do more positive things than someone who feels ugly.

And Cheryl may have a 35 inch waist (or smaller), but it does not make her beautiful.

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love and like

by MrsFatass on February 8, 2016

To my Doodlebug,

It’s time to sit down and acknowledge another year. And once again, the first words that come to mind are simply “I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by.” You’re a teenager now. And I can’t. I just can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. Even though I still see glimpses of the baby you were, more and more what I see are glimpses of the man you are becoming. As much as I love you, I’m so glad to be able to say I also really like you. I enjoy it so much when your guard is totally down and you’re just relaxed and funny and smart and thoughtful. You’ve always been a kid with a lot on your mind, and I appreciate it when you share those thoughts with me. I understand well your worries and anxieties, and I hope that it has at least occasionally comforted you that I share so many of the same ones. I hope it’s helpful that I get you.
Photo Dec 31, 6 00 02 PM
This was another big year for you, my sweet Thing One. Another year where it makes me both joyous and tearful to think about all of the different ways you’ve grown up. You even LOOK more grown up. Basketball season made you lean, and you can see the results of the daily workouts in your shoulders and your waist and your calves. I’m glad you’re so good about showers and deodorant because it’s totally time for you to be paying attention to those things. And that silly tooth that has made you so self-conscious is finally being pulled into place. I love your braces smile, and your shaggy hair, and the way you look when you have to dress up for away games. You look good in a tie and a belt.

Photo Jan 28, 7 44 42 AM

Girls like you too, and I suspect that first kiss is going to be happening sooner rather than later. You have a crush on your best girl friend, and I like her too. She’s clean and makeup free and wears jeans and converse. She’s always smiling when I see her and I think she looks like she’s comfortable in her own skin. She watched you play basketball this season too, and I’m happy that she cheers loudly. I know you like her, uh, shapeliness, and that’s totally okay by me that you like looking at pretty girls because I know that you are also a kind person. I know you’ll be nice to any girl you date. And we have talked at length about the importance of being respectful, of NOT doing the kiss and tell, and how different life is for a girl with a reputation than it is for a boy. You have also asked me about who pays when you go on a date, and we have practiced what you should do when you meet parents, from the handshake to the small talk. Because talking to adults is still something that is very hard for you to do.

Photo Jan 25, 5 53 06 PM
It was an important year for you in basketball, too.

For the very first time, you had to try out for your spot. You had to combat nerves and you had to open yourself up to the possibility of disappointment. All you wanted to do was survive the first round of cuts, which you did. And you survived the second round, too. The day you made the team was a huge high for the whole family! But this was the year you also learned that tryouts were just the beginning. Making the team didn’t guarantee you playing time. You rode the bench, and in the beginning it was heartbreaking. I honestly wasn’t sure which way this was going to go; would you roll your eyes and say forget this and head back to Upward? Or would you put your head down and work?

To say I’m proud of you just doesn’t do it justice.

Photo Feb 04, 6 00 46 PM
You worked hard. You put it all into practice. You got your hopes up every single game, and the first time Coach put you in, it didn’t even matter that it was for just a few seconds at the end, and it didn’t matter that you never got your hands on the ball. It didn’t matter. That first time being put in the game made you happy and it made you hungry for more.

And as the season progressed, so did your playing time. You earned it.

Photo Jan 28, 5 29 36 PM

We decided in the car on Friday that we were going to skip the part of teenager-hood where you and I don’t get along, where you roll your eyes at everything I say or where you stop wanting to hang out with me or be seen with me in public. We decided that we were always going to be just like us. Mother and son and friends and confidantes. I hope that’s true. Because I love you and because I like you. I like you so very much.

To my Doodlebug, my Thing One, my baby boy, my love. Happy Birthday.

Photo Feb 06, 2 38 41 PM

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Confident and Consistent

by MrsFatass on January 4, 2016

So if it’s true what they say, that what you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do all year, then I’ll be spending the year being super bad ass with really amazing women who are ALSO being super bad ass.

One of these women has a fear of water, one of these women is already wearing her bathing suit, and one of these women is pretty sure the hardest part of the whole event will be T1.

One of these women has a fear of water, one of these women is already wearing her bathing suit, and one of these women is pretty sure the hardest part of the whole event will be T1.

Okay, so on the ACTUAL New Year’s Day I was eating nachos and watching football, but I’m going to bend this saying around what it is I actually want to say. And what I want to say is that I am FINALLY a triathlete!

Didn't die!

Didn’t die!

My first Tri was supposed to be last October, but lo and behold a hurricane blew through these parts and our event was cancelled. So we had to hang on for the Indoor Tri sponsored by Lifetime Fitness. But it was good because it kept me training – at least minimally – through part of the off season and I walked into the gym MUCH more confident than I would have been at the event in October. I mean, I spend all day every day in a gym, and I’m on and off spin bikes and treadmills multiple times a week. I haven’t spent much time in the pool, but this event is based on TIME not DISTANCE and so I figured worst case scenario I could dog paddle or even walk in the pool for 10 minutes.

Turns out I had a great swim. NOT because it was a beautiful crawl, because it was anything but. It was a lot of breast stroke and quite a bit of backstroke because my start-of-the-race adrenaline turned my already shaky crawl into an I-can’t-find-my-breath mess and so I just let it go. But my goal was to keep moving for the entire time and I did. I moved for 300 yards and I’m totally happy with that. The bike was hilarious, first because we were a minute and a half late (turns out blowing off transition practice was a mistake) and second was because I was face to face with and absolute BEAST of a competitor who had a snarl, and who growled, and who was cycling at a rate of speed I didn’t think was possible in a spin studio. But I just laughed it off and kept my own goals in mind and I LOVE to cycle, so I just enjoyed the music and pedaled my way to 8 miles, which was my goal. And I can’t remember how far I went on the treadmill, somewhere just under a mile and a half I think. I jogged a little and walked a lot and again I just enjoyed myself and remembered that I didn’t register to COMPETE, I just registered to COMPLETE. And that’s what I did. I completed. I was super happy. I AM super happy.

I already have two more triathlons on the books (March and May) and my goal is to participate in one event a month from March through I don’t know when. September? October? Walks, runs, Triathlons, obstacle courses, whatever. Just one thing a month to keep me CONSISTENTLY training.

Ah, CONSISTENCY. The point of this post.

It’s the time of year that many of us resolve to do certain things, choose our anthem for the year, our battle cries and our mantras. The last few years I have chosen my words wisely, from “Do More Cardio” to “Remember Gratitude” to “Be Thankful”. And really, I’ve done a good job keeping them with me for the entire chosen year and beyond. I have two words this year also. 2016 will be the year of CONFIDENCE and CONSISTENCY.

Confidence, you ask? Um, MrsFatass, have you met you? I know, I know. I say live in your discomfort zone! Wear your bikini now! But to be completely honest, there have been a number of things that have happened the last year or so that have shaken up the fatass foundation, and I’m having to work a bit to recover the self confidence that I wore so proudly when I was encouraging you all to strut in a bikini. But I am. I did. I finally took a breath, straightened my big girl panties, and fixed some things in my life that weren’t working. And now I’m ready to do those things that will remind me to be confident. And hopefully we’ll do a lot of those things together, you and me.

And? I need to do those things CONSISTENTLY. I will be consistent in my efforts.

Efforts to what? You might be asking.

Efforts to everything. My effort to train, to be organized, to cook more, to drink diet soda less, to walk the dogs, and also? To write here. Once a week. 52 posts in 2016. Consistently. Whatever it is that I decide needs to be a thing will be a thing consistently. I will see it through.

Inconsistency has stalled my weight loss, allowed my house to be messier than I’d like, made my savings account emptier than it could be, and left a hundred posts half written in my head. And my excuse reason the last few years has always been The Business! The Business! The Business!

But I have made a big change in my life. And I am ready for more.

If you see me on a Friday, ask me if I've been to the pool yet. Fridays will CONSISTENTLY be my swim practice day!

If you see me on a Friday, ask me if I’ve been to the pool yet. Fridays will CONSISTENTLY be my swim practice day!

In 2016, I will rediscover my self-confidence, and I will be consistent in my efforts.

What are YOU going to do this year?

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life after

by MrsFatass on December 15, 2015

So, like any self-respecting obsessed business owner, making the decision to close the studio left a big hole in both my heart and identity. If I wasn’t half of trio (math!), who was I going to be?

I didn’t have the luxury of a long period of soul searching. I didn’t get to go away for a while in order to come back reinvented. I didn’t really even get a weekend to hide away under the covers and mope about the decision to close Trio Fitness. I needed to figure out the next step and I needed to figure it out fast.

But I had no idea where to start.

Attacking it with my business brain was a first resort. A RESUME! I must write a resume! A Google search of fitness resumes, a couple hours of scribbles and typing and editing and proofreading and BLAMMO! MrsFatass had a fitness resume.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't squeeze all that awesome into one page.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t squeeze all that awesome into one page.

Next up, a cover letter. A cover letter! I’m a writer! I can write a letter!

Dear Sirs,
You will notice from my resume that I am a rock star group fitness instructor who just so happens to also have a fat ass and even though I know I shouldn’t make excuses for it because fit comes in all shapes and sizes, I sometimes become overwhelmed with insecurity because if I’m doing all the things I coach others to do, why am I still so dang, uh, curvy?
Also, I am the mother of two and wife of a Trophy Husband with a very demanding new job and I’ve worked for myself for years so I’m going to need autonomy and flexibility and I don’t ever want to miss a basketball game or a class party and also I need to be home when the kids get off the bus so I can fix them a healthy snack and hear about their day.
Can we make this happen, like, ASAP? Kthanks.

That’s where my business brain coughed a very sick little cough and powered down for the day. No way was someone who didn’t already know me going to hire me to work in fitness.

So I began thinking about the things that I missed. Like, when the stresses of owning the business were beginning to snowball, what were the things I started letting go of?

  • Being present at home. I was always marketing, communicating, brainstorming, social media-ing. I was also working an early morning shift, a lunchtime shift, and an evening shift almost every weekday, which meant family time was squished, distracted, and sometimes just lost.
  • Being present at church. Sundays became the only day I didn’t teach a class, and often were the only day in a week where I didn’t have to perform a bunch of work related tasks so it became Pajama Day instead of being a time for worship.
  • Being present with my clients. Planning classes and learning new choreography was top of my priority list, but would get pushed down so far of the actual TO-DO list because of other things that I was often concentrating more on the choreo than the connection.

So. I woke up the next morning and I stayed in bed for a minute before hopping out to get ready for work. And? I prayed.

Please help me.

Then I grabbed my phone and my tennis ball and went to the bathroom as I do every morning to scroll facebook and roll my sore feet while I sit there because gosh darnit I am a MULTITASKER baby and I kid you not this was at the top of my feed:

Photo Dec 15, 9 15 21 AM

Blink. Blink Blink.

Now I knew who to write a letter to. And I knew that I could lay the insecurity down and just be me. I printed things up and licked the stamp and sent it on it’s way to the gym on the other side of town.

And waited.

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not on fighting the old

by MrsFatass on December 1, 2015

Photo Nov 26, 10 43 35 AM

My very first post here was almost six years ago. Six years ago! Six years ago I was a full time stay at home mom, I still had a child in diapers, I had never uttered the word crapball, or taken a Zumba class, or eaten quinoa. And when I introduced myself, I led with the fact that I was a Christian.

Had you told me upon writing that first post that in the very brief span of Almost Six Years, I would go back to work, find a fitness passion, write a blog, and meet people online that would become some of the most important in my life, I would have laughed. I would done a LITERAL lol. LLOL. I would have. When I started this blog I had a FLIP PHONE, people. A flip phone and a Facebook that I logged on to ONLY OCCASIONALLY and LOL was something I learned in an AOL chat room that meant Lots of Laughs.


And if you would have told me in that same time span that I would have let my anxiety rage so strong that I would end up in a heap on the bathroom floor, lose (and then rediscover) my connection with Trophy Husband, become a fitness instructor, open a business, and WRITE ABOUT IT WHERE OTHER PEOPLE COULD ACTUALLY SEE?

Well. I’d think you’d gone slam crazy.

But all those things? Well, they happened.

And with each one, I fought to hold on to whatever it was BEFORE the big thing. I focus so much energy on wrestling with the old, thinking maybe I can fit the peg back in the hole you know? I mean, you guys, every single time I grocery shop I buy celery but do you know what? Nobody ever eats it. Not since my post-college, Bloody Mary Sunday days. But I still buy it because what if? What IF someday I get to have a Bloody Mary Sunday again? And my car is old and held together with band aids and twine but it’s paid for and I already know all the quirks and we drove my daughter home from the hospital in it so I couldn’t possibly get a new one. And to this day, when I throw on my denim jacket, I still prefer the way the flip phone slid perfectly into the front pocket to having to actually carry my iPhone in my hand.

Sometimes the things I want to hold on to are more serious. Like the time the woman who I thought was my best friend actually published a blog post on a “secret blog” detailing all the ways she was glad my family and I moved away. Yep. For real. And I discovered it, and politely let her know that what if she thought it was unfindable, it wasn’t. And if she wanted me to find it, well I did. And it took me a couple of years to completely sever that tie with her because change is HARD and we had other friends in the same circle and I didn’t want to cause drama because one day she might be genuinely sorry for it all, and I had just never heard of adult friends breaking up, you know?

But the thing is, holding on to that friendship? Well, it wasn’t good. Because I couldn’t be truly forgiving so not letting it go meant that the stuff that felt bad in the beginning actually started feeling awful and infected as time went on and it eventually became impossible to see her as anything but toxic and you know I’m basically a happy and positive person, so carrying around this carcass of a friendship just became too much. And eventually I let it go. But it took a long time. Way too long.

The thing is, though, that when I do finally let my life evolve, and I get on the other side of it, there is always a realization that I should have just let it happen when it was supposed to. Because life on the OTHER side of change is usually way better. Even though it can be different, it is usually better. My best friends today are of a different caliber than before; they are my family and my heart and they love me and my husband and my children and my dogs. But until I let that old relationship go, I couldn’t find them.

Now I’ve found them.

So. Last week, we taught our last class at trio fitness.

This was another change that was a long time coming. I can’t go back and say definitively THIS is the moment that we should have closed, or at least I won’t go back and do that because if I think about things too much, my heart crackles like when you walk on ice. But the truth is, we fought some pretty weird juju right from the start. Waking up one morning to an email from one of our partners saying basically that she just didn’t want to own a business anymore, so could we please take over her share of the work, debt, bills and responsibilities so she could go re-join the old gym and go on about her life? Pretty weird juju. Weirder yet, having an instructor who, in the first year, made more money than the rest of us combined, but refused to provide a social security number and insisted she worked for us as a volunteer, not an employee.

No. I’m not joking. Also I have made a good friend at the IRS now, which I suppose is never a bad thing.

Anyway, it was just kind of hard thing after hard thing and it seemed like life became more about dodging bullets and staying ahead of the beast than it was about inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle. And while I understand that a big part of business ownership is about exactly that – staying ahead of the beast – the best part of trio, the classes and the clients and the relationships, well those things were more and more being left up to others to handle so I could run the business and have something left over to give my family too. And one day I just finally accepted that it was time.

And once I said the words out loud, I realized how right they sounded.

Closing the studio has never ever ever been about the clients. Quite the opposite. Our clients are why we kept the doors open as long as we did. Our clients are the absolute icing on the cake. And I could not have been more proud of our staff. I still can’t find words for how tremendously awesome it was to be part of a team chock full of talented, engaging, compassionate trainers and instructors and so for now those words will have to do. Tremendously awesome. TREMENDOUSLY.

Closing the studio is really just about peace. And about being able to get back to doing what I love. And about being present for my family again. And about peace.

Someday soon I’ll have to tell you all about the day I found Victory. The day that I, that MrsFatass , in all of her sweaty glory, put together a resume and dressed all in black and marched my big behind into that gym with a goal to find a new job, and came out finding a new home. For all of us. Because you know there is a story, and I will tell it. And it will be a re-introduction of MrsFatass. The sassy Christian woman who presented herself almost 6 years ago, who had a journey to embark on, who invited the blogosphere to come along.

It’s time to build the new.

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we make the rockin’ world go ’round

by MrsFatass on August 19, 2015

A million moons ago I wrote a post called The Bikini Promise. Basically it was my ode to not waiting for perfect circumstances to do something you want to do. For me, it started with a bikini, and while I needed some platform sandals, lipstick and a wide brimmed floppy hat to carry off the whole look for a while, with cocktails practice, the costume pieces began to fade away and now a 2-piece bathing suit is my style of choice and I don’t apologize or make excuses for it.

Over the years, whether on purpose or by beautiful, messy accident, I’ve continued to live by my Bikini Promise. When I tiptoed into my first Zumba class I had no idea that within a year I’d be teaching them. Since writing about my awkward foray into the world of fitness instruction in June, 2011 I’ve obtained 14 additional licenses/certifications for branded fitness programs or fitness credentials. I’ve traveled the country chasing opportunities to teach master classes and to empower people to MOVE NOW, my friends are fitness movers and shakers, and LO AND BEHOLD I joined forces with a dance fitness powerhouse and Trio Fitness was born.

Had I waited until I LOOKED like a “fitness instructor” to take that first step, I’d still be standing in the back row of somebody else’s class.

So. In keeping with that theme, THIS happened:
Photo Aug 16, 5 14 58 PM

Yep. This fat chick is a certified nutrition coach. Cer-tee-feyyyyed.

In Savannah, Steve and I led the Fitblogger Tough Love session, wherein I sort of came internally unglued about my lack of progress on the actual weight loss front. Because, while I have a body that can jump and bend and run and move with ease, one that is strong and healthy and one that does pretty much everything I ask it to do without protesting, I have not lost the weight that I set out to lose when I typed my first post.

In 2009.

Blink. Blink blink.

So why not go get a certification in nutrition coaching, because that’s the logical next step, right? Why shouldn’t I help people break sugar addictions and change their body composition and reveal their beautiful sculpted muscles and . . . lose weight? I’m totally qualified.

Yeah. It’s backward. It’s nuts. It’s dumb. It’s straight from the department of Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

But? It’s happening.

A string of circumstances that began with a program called R.I.P.P.E.D.® led me to a book called Body Confidence by Mark MacDonald, and if you all were sitting around the house and all of a sudden felt the earth move? That was me getting my world rocked. Not because it was some big secret revealed or the answer to the mind bendy-est riddle (what? That’s a word). But because he said it all in such a way that my inner fatass felt competent and also dare I say CONFIDENT that I could do better.

I texted Sam immediately and said READ THIS BOOK IT WAS MADE FOR TRIO. And she did. And she agreed. And I got on the website to find out more and THERE IT WAS! A class to take. A certificate to earn. Tools to help me teach other inner fatasses how to have a better relationship with real food. I spent the summer practicing DOING the program and practicing TEACHING the program and figuring out how to match each client to each method and talking about all the bullshit that makes weight loss hard and you know what? I helped clients feel better. I helped clients try new foods. I helped clients put down the MLM juices and powders and pills and learn to put food into their bodies without guilt or shame. And…they lost weight. A LOT of it!

And together they began tackling the issues that got them to this place. Together. Commiserating and bonding and learning. Forming their very own ‘tribe’.

And they are forming or finding or creating their very own Body Confidence.

So. I am doing it. I am a Nutrition Coach and my inner fatass is just going to have to get comfortable with the idea. Because really, who knows more about how to lose 20, 50, 100, however many pounds than someone who has tried, repeatedly, for a lifetime?

If you’d like to join me, you can.
20 Day JumpStart September
When I posted on Facebook that I passed my exam, lots of my online/Fitbloggin’ friends reached out to find out if we could work together. And I prefer to come from a place of yes, so here we go… I’m launching my coaching business with a JumpStart, which gives us a month to get acclimated to all the basics of the program. You can live here in my town and we can do some of this face to face, or you can live in Timbuktu. As long as you have internet access, we can get this done together! At the end of the 28 days, hopefully you have mastered things and are off on a life of health and confidence! But, if you’d like to continue on in a group, we can make that happen too.

So, if you’re someone who has weight to lose, whatever the amount, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you don’t really have weight to lose, but are looking to change your body composition, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you work out and eat very healthy, but aren’t seeing the physical results or sculpt you want to see, this 28 days will be a great way to practice the program. If you think you are a super healthy eater but still have highs and lows and are sluggish in the gym, guess what? This 28 days will be a great way to practice the program.

BEWARE: I’m not selling you a pill or a potion or a green powder or a juice that will cure your gout/anxiety/migranes/halitosis. I am not going to tell you that you can achieve amazing results by eating fried chicken and ice cream. I’m not saying this will be easy or effortless.

But I can help you do better tomorrow than you did yesterday.

And yes, my ass is still fat. But it’s less fat. And the fatass on the inside is on notice.

Sue Full Body
If you’d like to join Trio’s Premiere 28 Day JumpStart, call me at 1.844.TrioFit or email me at The group’s introductory price is $50 and includes a health and fitness assessment, goal setting, and program orientation (appointments MUST be scheduled on or before September 4th to ensure adequate time for food planning and preparation), 28 days of online group coaching via private Facebook group (begins September 8), and 4 one-on-one “check ins” with me.

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